Connect with today’s talent.

Use immersive video to attract top-quality candidates.

Show off your opportunity, culture, and uniqueness.

With Seesy, 52% of applicants are

shortlisted for an interview. Here’s why…

Quality over Quantity.


Receive fewer, more focussed applications from better suited, more interested quality candidates. With Seesy you’ll reach the interview stage faster, having spent less, whilst knowing more about your chosen candidates.

Video Killed the radio star.

Seeing and hearing an applicant via video gives a much truer impression of their fit for the role. Allowing you to reach shortlisting decisions based on a candidate’s skills without investing more than 2 minutes.

Diversity matters.

Video-based hiring gives room to highlight and help eliminate conscious and unconscious bias. We use smart AI to score employers on diversity and inclusion in their hiring. Helping you to ensure you are reducing bias in your hiring process.

What makes Seesy unique?

Advertise differently

Seesy allows you to showcase your company, the culture, the opportunity and people via video – attracting better-suited and higher-quality candidates.

Attract differently

The recruitment world has never been able to properly utilise social media… until now! We’ll leverage your attractive video content across key social media channels. Getting your role in front of more people in a faster and more engaging way.

Screen differently

Imagine you could ask your ‘key questions’ pre-interview! Receive answers straight from the applicant in short video. Make more informed shortlisting decisions much quicker.

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Desktop & mobile portal

Seamlessly collaborate between your in house or remote recruitment team members to easily review and shortlist candidates.

Intuitive mobile app that allows on the go updates and management of your job postings and candidate applications.

“Our goal is to make more jobs become accessible to more people” – Adam, Founder


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