Fishing from a different pool. Imagine being able to show your candidates their role via video…

In the last 2 months we have begun transitioning from our MVP build to developing our own in house, proprietary IP.

Transitioning to v2.0 brings a list of new features and potential new revenue streams which we will cover in this document.

New Key Features

Available across all devices

More engaging and immersive video experience

Proprietary code owned by Seesy Limited

Transcription of interviews

Transcription of interviews

Available across all devices


Version 1.1 was designed and built specifically for mobile phones. In our next iteration we are accommodating users across all devices, paying particular attention to creating an experience that is immersive, functional and fast for employers.

Accessible job board

Creating a job board that is visible to search engines allows us to generate more users and traffic via organic search routes.





Creating a video recording experience that happens in the app, allows more user controls and streamlines the recording experience. This should help to increase completed applications.

Faster way to review canditates

Using larger screens allows employers and recruiters to quickly review and compare candidates’ side by side.


code owned by

Sessy Ltd

We have transitioned from a low/no code solution to a fully proprietary software. We use React for frontend and Node for back end. These development languages ensure best in class, leading edge performance in the long term and future proof us against technical debt.


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